Hello Aspirant, you are preparing for CBSE NET EXAM in computer science. Yow will do lots of hardwork till the date of exam. That’s good, but if you get failed again and again after lots of hardwork which means something went wrong. I will tell you what should do for the exam.

firstly, I will discuss various reasons to fail in exam as follows:

  1. More hardwork does not mean you will clear your exam.

Reason: Most of the candidates read so many books and unneccessary study material. Hence, it will consume lots of time as well as at the time of revision it may creates problem.

2.  Try to cover all subjects

Reason: Students are always try to learn more and more subjects beyond their capacity to learn.

3. Lack of knowledge about format of paper

Reason: Some students have unaware about the actual format of exam so this is the main reason for failure.

Now, what should students do? These are following steps to be followed:

  1. Read and understand the questions of previous years papers

Reason: This is the first and foremost point to start your preparation. with the help of Previous papers , you will know the pattern or format of exam. you will realize which subject is core subject and from which subjects questions are coming.

2. Read only foreign author books

Reason: most of the questions are asking in exam from good foreign author books. you can follow the local author books as reference or clear the basic.

3. Tricks are very helpful

Reason: Many questions can be solved with simple tricks so you can save your time and utilize the time to solve another question. Tricks are very helpful in paper 2 because of shortage of time.

4. Study material and guidance

Reason: Guidance is very important. I think proper guidance may clear your exam in first attempt.

5. Make a schedule for preparation

Reason: Its very important to make schedule to learn all topics and read only core subjects.


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